We came in with the intent to break the mould of mentorship. To shift the mindset kids have on running, and bring awareness to its health benefits. The “casual” run we do each week gives us an excuse to see one another more often, to discuss new ways of improving ourselves and our community.

Ages range from 12-30 and the cool part about it is that we can all learn something from one another. The 12 year old kid reminds the 30 year old to enjoy life and stay positive. The 18 year old teaches the 14 year old about the ins and outs of high school. The 25 year old helps the 19 year old prepare for life after school and the maturation process which comes with that.

We’ve connected kids from ‘rival’ hoods in the city, and seen the most positive results. We really believe through running, we can promote and empower our present and future leaders.