Exploring Port Au Prince, we met Alain Edmond. A gracious, well-spoken gentleman who is a Professor at Institut Universitaire de L’Ouest, where he’s found his purpose teaching English in the developing city. He was selfless enough to show Jamal around for the course of his trip. Alain’s commitment to the future of Port Au Prince was evident., Alain Edmond made teaching english his mission to ensure that the future leaders of Haiti are well equipped with the ability to speak English so that they can soar beyond expectations. Impressed by this, Jamal asked Alain if he could provide a small note on his thoughts about education and his purpose in teaching. Beautifully written, Alain makes his purpose clear.


I was asked not long ago why I chose to be a teacher. Teachers don't earn a lot of money so logically it's not for the lucre. Simply put, I do it to help others and for myself. I'll explain. Morgan Freeman said this in one of his movies in response to the proverb "You are what you do", he said "No, you do what you are". I teach English, Phys ed and self defense. With English I help my young students position themselves on the global market and communicate more effectively. With Phys ed, I not only teach my students of the three pillars of fitness (Proper food intake, Progressive exercise and rest) but of the mental facet of being a sportsman. With self defense, I show my students the three "Knows". 1. Know yourself (limits and capabilities). 2. Know your surroundings (terrain and people). 3. Know the person across from you. Most of what I know, I was taught by someone. My knowledge will not follow me into the grave so why hoard it? Where i live, the environment is filled with people who are trying to get ahead with no concern as to whether their activities affect their brethren positively or otherwise. The Bible teaches us that those who do not gather scatter. When my first born was still a fetus, my mentor told me that i must be a positive difference maker not only in my child's life but also in the lives of his peers. We must be active players for positivity and good will. Help the young who haven't decided what they're going to be. I stopped reading comic books a long time ago but if you wanted to tell you about my favorite superhero I would tell you about men called Robert Dockum and Rufus Baker Sr. Men who are not famous but have made a positive difference in my life, enabling me to touch lives positively also.

We do what we are.

Alain Edmond.


As a thank you, we sent Alain and his students 30 new French-English Dictionaries, and Alain a brand new pair of dress shoes to continue walking in confidence and believe the change he is making is necessary.